Europe baby!

Four more days until my first European adventure!

I am only just beginning to feel excited, which is strange. I had a moment of almost fan-girl glee when we bought the tickets, because that meant it was really happening. That was seven months ago. Seven months! I thought I would gradually get more and more excited the closer it got, but this trip has remained illusive and surreal in my mind.

Boring, regular life has gotten harder. Days at work drag on because it’s so close to the end. Two more days of work, one day of frantic last minute errands and then it’s finally time!

I am going to miss my pets (two cats and one dog) like crazy. I know they are going to be well looked after, so I’ll at least have some peace of mind around that. And yet, I know I’m not going to want to come home. It happens each time I leave the country; some sort of ‘grass is greener’ thing.

We are flying Qantas from Wellington to Melbourne, then Emirates from Melbourne to Dubai and on to our first stop: Athens, Greece!

I have been wanting to see Athens and Rome since I learned about their history in Classical Studies in high school. That was 10 years ago (scary!). Hopefully I can remember enough info and take decent pictures to make an interesting blog.


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