The adventure starts today!

It’s finally time! We’re actually getting on a plane today. I am SO freaking excited! Can you tell?

We dropped our dog off to her homestay yesterday and I feel so guilty for leaving her. I know she’ll be well looked after, so I’ll try not to worry too much. Fortunately, my mother is looking after the house and the cats, so that’s saving us quite a bit and I won’t have to be concerned about the house being empty for a whole month. I have also checked in online for our flight from Athens to Rome (Sept 10th) since Ryanair lets you do that a week before, or sooner if you want to pay to choose your seats (for an hour flight? No thanks).

I have checked my suitcase, carry on and itinerary for the millionth time. I’m only taking a week’s worth of clothes, because who wants to lug around a 20kg suitcase for almost 5 weeks? Not me. The suitcase is about 10kg and my carry on is about 4kg, so well under the limits. I’m paranoid I haven’t printed off all our vouchers for day trips and everything that’s pre-paid so I keep checking. 

We have travel insurance through the bank for booking the flights on out credit cards. I have also registered our details on and I realised last night that my passport wasn’t signed. Don’t forget to do that.

I have to take my credit card as proof of ID for many of the bookings, including train tickets. My SO has an international driver’s license for our one day of car hire in Bonn. 

We have some Euros and Swiss Francs in cash. Our first stop is Athens, Greece so we’re not relying on the ability to be able to withdraw cash there, since they’ve been having economic issues and low daily withdrawl limits from banks. Not sure what the situation is now, but it’s better to plan for these things.

Laptop, tablet, kindle and our DS’ are all charged and the cables packed. What else do you do when you’re bored in airports or don’t feel like watching movies on the flight? Melbourne to Dubai is 14 hours and I do have sleeping pills from the doctor, but I always overstock on portable entertainment. 

The taxi will be here any minute to take us to Wellington airport, so see you on the other side!


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