Good morning Athens!

After 30 hours of flying and airports we’re here! We landed at 2.30pm local time and were met with a blast of heat upon leaving the air conditioned airport. 33 degrees! I love it. I’m absolutely in heaven.

There’s a flat fee of 38 Euros from the airport to the central city by taxi. Our taxi driver was disappointed that we aren’t going to Santorini, or any Greek islands. I’m disappointed too, but we’re only here 5 days, so maybe next time.

We spent the afternoon exploring and had drinks on a rooftop bar with amazing views! €3,50 for a large beer, or 2 for 1 between 6 and 7 pm.

Beautiful afternoon with views and beers with friends, what could be better?

We ate delicious mousaka for dinner at a restaurant on top of a hill and then found our way to the metro station to get back to the hotel. €10 for a 5 day pass, yes please.

Back to the hotel and asleep before 10pm. We were all completely knackered, unsurprisingly. 

Day 2- more exploring 


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