Athens to Delphi day trip on the cheap

It’s our third day here in Greece, and we decided to figure out how to get to Delphi without paying for an expensive tour (One of those is enough!). After much Googling, it turns out there is a local bus that makes several round trips per day, but getting bus stop locations in English is a bit difficult and many of the posts you come across are very old. The bus company is KTEL, and you will see this on signs as you get close to the bus station. Asking at our hotel reception about how to get there didn’t yield any helpful info. Who wants to fork out for a taxi when you’ve got a 5 day metro ticket?

So what you want to do is get the green line metro to Agios Nikolaos. For us that was 3 stops from Omonia.

From there it’s a fairly straight-forward walk, once you know where you’re going. All the sites seem to tell you the bus station is on Liossion Street, but it’s not. Liossion Street is a busy road, so you can’t really miss it. Following the above map, once you reach Liossion (after walking in a straight line), turn right. 

  If you see lots of taxis (for sale?) you’re in the right place.

Google maps will also point you to the wrong location, but only just. This is where maps directs you:

  Not much on this corner, but it’s close to the bus station. Just follow this street further down.
  That’s it. It’s called ‘terminal b’ on other sites. I thought we’d gone in the back entrance, but it’s just a bit confusing if you’ve never been there before. There’s a ticket office inside and each destination is clearly labelled on the counters, so you know which person to talk to. All the recommendations I’ve seen have said to book your tickets at least a day before you want to go, and that’s probably the smartest way to do it. We turned up at 7.10am for the 7.30am bus and there were still seats left; the bus at that time wasn’t full. The afternoon bus, however, was packed. €16,40 each way per person. We bought return tickets for the same day, at 4pm, but you don’t have to do that. You could get the next bus at 10am and returning 7pm if you want, or you could stay a night or two in Delphi. Just remember it’s 3 hours each way, so you’ll need a good portion of the day for exploring. The bus times are fairly limited; the earlier afternoon return time was about 1pm, which is doable if you get the 7.30, but I hate rushing around, especially when I’m spending several hours climbing a hill in the heat.

  The seats on the bus are nicely numbered, just sit in your designated seat unless you want to get told off by someone on a full bus!
  It actually wasn’t too difficult to figure out how to get to Delphi on our own. If you have used the metro a few times and understand the different lines and know your stations, it should be nice and easy to navigate. A few other tourists were using this bus as well as the locals. The KTEL bus is comfortable and air conditioned.


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