Day 6 – Athens

Well today was our last day in Greece. I am going to miss it a lot. The food is delicious and the drinks are cheap, and I quite enjoy the 35+ degree weather.

Next time I would like to do an island hop,including Crete, travel farther south around the Peloponnese and go far north to Macedonia, because Alexander the Great is my favourite.

We are finishing our last afternoon like we started – beers on a rooftop bar with a view of the Acropolis. This time the 360 bar, which is a bit more expensive than the others. €5 for Alfa beer!

We are getting the bus to the airport because it’s  €5, instead of €8 for the metro to the airport where you have to stand for 45 minutes.

Next stop: Rome!

Unfortunately we had to cancel our hotel in Rome because they emailed us to say it had flooded, but we got a better deal at so we’re staying in a 2 bedroom apartment – with a laundry! We’re all really excited for the next phase of our adventure. 

More catching up on the past few days in Greece later – hoping for more reliable internet at the next place.

All in all – I loved my time in Greece and I’ll definitely be back.


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