Day 14 – Venice

I was sad to be saying goodbye to Venice. It is such a unique and beautiful city.
Fortunately, the hostel allowed us to leave our suitcases, since checkout was at 10am. The train station nearby also has the luggage storage option, like in Rome.
Our flight to Munich wasn’t until 8pm, so we had lots of time to explore other areas, and eat our last proper Italian lunch and gelato. 
We walked in the opposite direction past the train station and found the local university and plenty of shops where you can paint your own masks. I would’ve tried, but I’m not confident in my painting skills. The proper Venetian masks are the plain white ones, the decorative ones are for tourists. Not that I bought a plain white one, I bought a cat one (which were used in shows to signify men dressed as women). There are many elaborate and beautiful ones you can buy as gifts; there are small masks for €1 that you can find everywhere.
If you want Italian made leather bags and wallets, they are everywhere, just follow your nose! My partner got a new wallet for €15, so I copied him and got myself a men’s one (Women’s wallets are gigantic and annoying, so let’s trial a men’s).
We found a few museums, including one that had a display of Leonardo da Vinci inventions, which was really cool. 
My second favourite shop, after the cat shop, was a little book shop called Libreria Acqua Alta. It’s overflowing with books and has 5 cats around and on the books. At the back, there is a staircase made out of water damaged books, from when the canal outside overflows into the shop. It’s worth seeing. I will add the link to the location in soon. The bookshop visit was the last thing I did before we had to leave and it was a nice way to finish up our visit.
We took a shuttle to Marco Polo airport, which cost €80 between 6 of us. Otherwise you can take the aerobus for €10 and it stops beside the train station. We flew Lufthansa, which was a bit more expensive than Ryanair, and again we had to pay an extra €35 for a checked bag each. 
I will miss Italy a lot, it’s a beautiful country with such a rich history. I already have a list of places to visit next time: Sicily, Capri, Sorrento, Tivoli (Hadrian’s Villa), Tuscany, Parma (80,000 square metre maze!) and more I’ll think of over time. 
In Munich you can get the metro from the airport to the city for €15,50. We were staying by the station at Laim, and it was about 10 stops without needing to change lines. I will post a picture of the Munich metro map, it is huge compared with Athens and Rome, but like them it’s quite easy to navigate.
We arrived at our hostel at 11pm and it took an hour to check in because there were so many people. Luckily, there was a lobby bar that also sold food, so we didn’t need to venture out. We finally got to our room and there were no towels, sheets, or much of anything. Another 3 trips back to the front desk got us most things. We were very happy to have a private bathroom at least! 

We booked this hostel on February 2nd, and it cost €1117, divided by 6 people for 3 nights. By far the most expensive place, because it was the first weekend of Oktoberfest. Next time I would go in the second or third week.


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