Day 16 – Munich – Museums & Oktoberfest

Munich was a few degrees colder than we were used to, so for the first time, I was glad to have jeans and a sweatshirt. It was about 17 degrees, and everywhere else had been at least mid-20s. During the day it got nice and hot if you stayed out in the sun.
We started late that morning, leaving about 10am. Our friends headed straight back to Oktoberfest, but my partner and I went to visit the BMW factory and museum and the Deusches Museum first.
We took the metro to the Olympic park and had Nutella crepes for breakfast. We had a walk around a small portion of the park, which was quite busy. A few tourists dressed in their Oktoberfest outfits and locals with their kids enjoying the morning. 
The BMW factory and museum are right by the metro stop, which is nice. We went into the factory showroom, which is obviously full of cars and motorbikes, some of which you can sit in. They do factory tours every hour, but we decided not to go. You can easily spend a long time looking at everything in the show room, it has multiple levels and cafes, and there is a convenient bridge over to the museum next door.
The museum costs €10 and was really interesting. There is a lot of info about the history of BMW and the evolution of the cars and bikes. Cars are more my partner’s thing than mine, but I still had a good time looking at everything.
We took the metro back to Isartor to see the Deuches Museum, which costs €11. Inside you can see ships, planes, rockets, many things about technology, science and space. They even have a piece of moonrock, which is awesome. It’s a fascinating museum and well worth a visit. By the time we left, it was already 5pm and the museum was closing.
We headed back to Hackerbruke, for more time at Oktoberfest. It was already less crowded and this time we had a ride on the ferris wheel. There are so many rides, rollercoasters, those crazy ones that swing you up high and spin you around, water rides, it’s incredible how much there is to do. 
We went into the Lowenbrau tent and found a table to sit at and order beer. We ended up making a friend from Austria who really wanted to talk about farming and come and visit us in NZ; it surprises people when we say we know almost nothing about farming and don’t live on a big piece of land. Stereotypes I guess! 
We ate candy apples, delicious pastries and of course more sausages. Apart from being a tourist attraction, Oktoberfest looks like its a family event, which I had no idea about. There are tents for families to take their kids and games and rides catered more to children.
We got back to the hostel about 10pm, and our friends had only just arrived as well. It looked like they had a fun second day as well. 
It was the third and final night in Munich, the next day we were all parting ways. It was a good way to end the shared portion of our holiday.


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