Day 17 – Munich, Oktoberfest and goodbyes

This was our last morning with our friends. One was heading home, two onto Bruges and one onto Berlin who will eventually meet back up with us in Paris.

Our bus left the latest, after 5pm, so we put our suitcases in lockers at the Munich ZOB bus station (€5 for 24 hours) and went back to Oktoberfest for a few hours.

This time we tried out the bumper cars, which I haven’t been on since I was a child, but were so much fun! 

We picked another tent, this time Paulaner, for our final stein. It was nice to sit in the shade, avoiding the big crowds for an hour or two. I’m glad most of our flights and trains are late afternoon/evening, so we can always fit in one last thing.

The last thing to do in Munich was Oktoberfest souvenir shopping, we bought a tshirt and stein each and I got a little stuffed lion in his lederhosen. Why not?

It was a shame to only have 3 days in Munich, next time we will visit when it’s much quieter, because it is another gorgeous city that I would love to take the time to explore. 

Our bus to Zurich was super comfortable, a double decker with free wifi, and it only cost €18. Everything went smoothly until we were 100km from Zurich, then we hit grid lock traffic because there had been a truck on fire on the highway. Unfortunately, this meant we missed our train.  If this happens, the bus driver will stamp and sign your ticket, so you can get another train. They only announced this in German on the bus though.

We were over an hour late, which meant nothing was open in the Zurich train station, so we weren’t sure which train we could take. Lucky for us there was free wifi in Burger King, so we discovered we could get the train to Bern at 11pm, then switch to another train to Fribourg, otherwise we’d have had to stay the night in Zurich. 

Since we couldn’t find anyone to ask, we just jumped on the train and hoped for the best. Fortunately, it was fine, and we enjoyed a nice Swiss train for an hour to Bern. We had to quickly change trains after that, then it was another 20 minutes to Fribourg. My partner’s uncle and grandad were waiting for us at the train station. We felt bad for keeping them up so late, but they were nice about it.

Time for a relaxing few days in beautiful Switzerland!


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